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Home is a word that I never really considered before this year. I was born in Greenville but have lived in Powdersville for 12 years. I grew up in a two story brick home on Hibiscus Drive. My back door neighbor was my very best friend and I had a hopscotch rug in my room.
Right before graduating high school, we packed up and move to Easley. It’s only about a 10 minute drive from my old house but moving 12 years of history takes a lot of effort.

Soon after I went to college and moved into a shoebox storm and had to learn how to live with another person. 

Now I’m back home in Easley but in a month I’ll be moving to Anderson. 

Home has had many different addresses for me, but I’ve started to realize that home is in a place. 

Home is when I’m with my mom. 
Home is when I’m laughing with my girls. Home is when I’m in Andrew’s arms. 
Home is when I am worshiping my God.
Home is where my heart is and my heart is many places, so with all this change I am so glad to know that my home really hasn’t changed.



In honor of all the graduations happening I wanted to share my graduation sign from last year! It’s so hard to believe that I graduated a year ago.

So much has changed since then. I started college. I changed my major. I participated in my first craft fair and my first market. I created a website. I am creating my first wedding set. 

This wooden welcome sign was one of the first real signs I ever made. I laid everything out so meticulously and was so nervous that I would ruin it. There are many things I would do differently now but I am still really impressed that I even made this. 

This sign boosted my confidence and helped me realize my passion for art.  It was not only a welcome into my life as a graduate, but my life as an entrepreneur and an artist

The Beginning

The same day I said to myself “I will never write a blog”, my sweet boyfriend said to me “I think you need to start journaling... like a blog!”

He then went on to describe his vision of my blog, where I could freely describe the motives behind my art and the inspiration that they bring me. A place where I could speak about my struggles, spiritually and relationally. Where I could share the horror stories of trying to learn to cook.

As he told me about this blog, I could see his love for me grow. He wanted to give me a place to share and explore outside of the comforts of him.

So here I am. I understand that this blog is on my business website, but I believe that my personal and professional life don’t have to be mutually exclusive. While the majority of my blog will be focused on my art and my business, my personal life will also make an appearance. I hope that this blog will expand my horizons and give you insight into my life.