Welcome! My name is Lisa, and I am the hands and heart behind Screws & Nails. The art that I create is meant to bring joy into my clients lives, as it brings joy into mine. I have had the privilege of working with homeowners, brides, businesswomen, families, & thoughtful gift-givers. I would be honored to come alongside you and help create something truly beautiful for your home, your event, or your life. Screws & Nails has been creating beautiful things since October 2017.

I come from a tremendously creative family. My grandfather, the inspiration behind my name, was an artist, a sculptor, & a builder. He taught me how to work with my hands & I saw him create masterpieces from nothing. He burned this quote onto a piece of wood, & it is the mantra of my business. “And when I get time I'm going to travel & take photos & write books & sculpt things & separate all these screws & nails.” We live such busy lives that don’t allow us the time to stop and really spend time on things that bring us real joy. We don’t take the time to travel and read and take care of ourselves. So that’s what Screws & Nails is. It is me taking time to create joy and separate out the things that matter in my life.

Over the past two years, Screws & Nails has evolved from painting pretty signs in my dorm room to creating custom pieces of art for wonderful clients. I am so honored to be able to grow into this business of mine & I’m even more thankful for you. You make this dream of mine possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this, & I am looking so forward to working with you!